Puja's Adventures

Sunday, March 26, 2006


tick tock tick tock... After my September operation on my leg, the doctor secured my tibia bone down with a titanium screw. In order to save confused airport security guards when I'm stripped down naked and still buzzing through the gates, the screw had to come out one day. that day became the 6th march and i was assured it was a 'haircut' operation, simple and i should be able to participate in normal sports within 4 weeks. at the same time the doctor was going to straighten my leg because it was not quite 180 degrees and can cause future problems. Anyway, had the op, day surgery, no dramas, walked home that day. About 4 days later i noticed there was a lot of bleeding so I went to a GP who just bandaged me up and said i'll be fine. The next day I can not describe the pain I felt. I broke into 40 degree fever, shook uncontrolably, could not walk or move my leg and literally sobbed and screamed in agony. It was at least double the pain of the original break, I thought i was giving birth out of my knee.
I went to ER where an incompetent and ridiculous triage nurse made it her responsibility to prolonge the time before i received pain killers...over an hour and a half before i got jabbed, i was so frustrated. Turns out i got an infection-staph, which can be really dangerous and leave you limbless. So i had another surgery and stayed in a hospital bed for a week and now im back to limping and pain. Not sure when this bloody leg will recover, i cant believe how long its taking.