Puja's Adventures

Friday, October 07, 2005

slowing down

kiama is a little town where i grew up, and since i left home the longest i have ever spent there in one sitting is about 4 days. anyway so now i've been here about a month and i tell you it has not been easy. i have definately confirmed i am a city girl, and can not fathom what i did with myself throughout my teenage years...? Since highschool I've been living in the same terrace in Newtown for 3and a half years and in that time i have had so so many wonderful(and at times disaster) flatmates, with whom i have shared neverending companionship, wine, laughs and love. there is constantly something happening, i dont ever organise my social life it just seems to appear in front of me and i go with the flow. i love the stimulation of Sydney, the incessant rush and chaos, the diversity, the culture, but mostly i love the choice.
So the first few weeks i miserably plotted around the house, waiting for visitors or Oprah to come on, but mostly just felt sorry for myself and my lack of mobility. I treid to convince myself of this wonderful space and time for relaxation:- to read, paint, play guitar, practice my Nepalese, become a computer spider solitare junkie, but my brain was to fast, craving companionship i was so accustomed to, but instead sitting about being lonely. i love my parents, they are wonderful, caring, beautiful people, and unfortunately they unfairly coped the brunt of my misery at its peak.
So I had the operation and it was either my Catholic Grandma's many many prayers at mass or my Nepali brother's many many prayers to Hindu God's, or perhaps even the superior skill of the surgeon that made it a success. The doctor managed to secure the bone down which he did not think would be possible, and it means i only need one operation. i stayed in hospital a few days, had a crazy trip on morphine, a horrible experience in bed pans, and a wonderful visit from Sam and Gareth who defied boredom and wheel-chaired me around Prince of Wales with my leg propped out on a food tray. Since the operation I've been doing lots of phisio and am slowly able to walk again (still with crutches but i can put a bit of weight on my foot). Also my mood has improved and i'm finding myself more peaceful, as i take my time in everything, theres no rush, and i have definately learned to slow down my thoughts.
peace xoxo